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Shooting Stars Basketball League

  1. Shooting Stars

    League Begins: July 2024
    Sponsor Deadline: May 17, 2024

    We invite you to partner with the Harward Recreation Center by sponsoring our Shooting Stars Basketball Program. This program provides an opportunity for boys and girls in kindergarten and first grade to learn basic basketball skills and teamwork. Shooting Stars takes place at the Harward Recreation Center and runs for 6 weeks in the summer. We have approximately 8 teams and 80 participants during the season.  

    As a sponsor you will receive visibility on all printed materials. In addition, each player receives a t-shirt, which would display your company’s logo on the back. This benefit extends beyond the basketball season as players will be spotted displaying your logo all over town throughout the year, further enhancing your brand awareness through this partnership. 

    Sponsor ($750)

    • Company logo printed on all marketing materials, including: t-shirts, entry forms, posters, flyers
    • Company linked to the Nampa Parks & Recreation website for 45 days
    • Vendor booth one day during league
    • Opportunity to distribute promotional materials
    • 5% discount on one ad in Nampa Parks & Recreation seasonal activity guide
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