Parks & Rec Master Planning

The City of Nampa has retained the services of BerryDunn, a national parks, recreation, and open space consulting firm, to assist the city with updating our Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The master plan update will look at the existing parks, recreational facilities, programs, and services, and determine the current and future level of services for the community based on public input. The plan will prioritize the needs and desires for upgrading and improving parks, recreational facilities, amenities, programs, and services as well as identify where there are underserved amenities. Below is information about our where we are at on the process and next steps.

September 2023 - The consultant presented at City Council on September 18, 2023 to give an update on the master planning project.

July 2023 - Lakeview Park Conceptual Plans were open for online public comment.

June 2023 – Conceptual Plan Presentations will be held on June 12 & 13, 2023 to hear recommendations for Lakeview Park and Ridgecrest & Centennial Golf Courses and receive community feedback.

January 2023 - Open houses will be held on January 24 & 25, 2023 to get input from the public regarding master planning for Lakeview Park in Nampa and Ridgecrest & Centennial Golf Courses.

December 2022 - These are the results from the surveys as well as an inventory analysis of the current Nampa Parks & Recreation system. This was presented to the public on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Parks & Recreation Findings Presentation December 2022

November 2022 - There was an open-link survey for everyone in the community to give input. The open-link survey gave all residents an opportunity to provide feedback, and their responses are included in the final analysis. While open-link results are kept separate from the statistically valid responses, these responses provide valuable feedback for Parks & Recreation.

October 2022 - A random sampling of residents were invited to take a survey, these responses provided statistically valid results. The results of this survey will create a priority blueprint for where we can improve, how to grow responsibly, and what programs and recreational opportunities our community would like to see in our city parks. Questions were asked about what types of improvements residents would like to see and where priorities should be placed. 

August 2022 - The BerryDunn team conducted focus group meetings August 16-17, 2022 at the Harward Recreation Center. Responses from the focus groups and a statistically-valid survey, to be conducted in the next several months, will provide valuable information about the City of Nampa’s current and future recreational needs. Parks & Recreation Focus Group Summary Results August 2022

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