Right of Way Tree Program

The Right of Way Tree Planting Program (PDF) provides City of Nampa residents help with planting appropriate trees in the Right of Way area on their property. Participants may purchase a tree from the City of Nampa Forestry Division which conveniently provides the following:

  • Provides property owners with the selection of  tree species compatible with the rigors of Right of Way growth.
  • Delivery and planting the tree at the desired location on the right of way or within 15 feet of the right of way.
  • Guarantees the tree's health for one year, if properly watered and cared for by the property owner.
  • Provides the owner with information on post tree planting care.
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Nampa Forestry provides the Right of Way Tree Planting Program during the spring and fall each year.  The program's exact start and end dates each season depends on weather conditions and availability of resources.  Generally spring consultations and planting begin in April and fall consultations and planting begin in September each year.

Available Trees

Nampa Forestry Division works with local nurseries to supply trees for the Right of Way Tree Planting Program. Due to varying availability, a limited selection of tree species may be available. The City Forester will provide a list of available tree species prior to the time of planting for property owners to choose from. The City Forester will also provide a description of the tree’s attributes and growing habits prior to selection.

About Public Right of Way

The City of Nampa defines a Public Right of Way as an improved or unimproved public property that is dedicated or deeded to the City for the purpose of providing vehicular, pedestrian and public use.

Evergreens & Shrubs

Evergreens and shrubs which exceed, at maturity, a height of three feet, are not to be planted on Right of Way property.

Permits & Evaluations

Prior to planting a tree in the Right of Way a permit must be obtained. The Forester considers the space available along with other factors such as proximity to neighboring trees and overhead wires. After a careful evaluation of the area is made a tree will be recommend that is appropriate for the property owner’s needs.

Only those trees listed on an individual permit may be planted in the Right of Way area. Receiving guidance from a City Forester will avoid problems with a tree species being planted that may be too large or unsuited for a particular site.


  • Permit is required to plant in Right of Way: No person or owner shall plant any tree within the public right-of-way without first obtaining a permit that has been issued by the City Forester. There is no charge for the permit. Trees approved for planting in the Right of Way must be of a variety selected from the Suggested Tree List.
  • Permit is required to remove trees from Right of Way: It is unlawful for an owner to remove any tree from the right-of-way without first obtaining a permit. There is no charge for the permit. All pruning and tree removal shall be under the supervision of the City Forester. Removed trees must be replaced within 30 days of the removal date.
  • Permit is required to prune trees in Right of Way: It is unlawful for any person to engage in the commercial business, trade or for hire of the cutting, trimming, pruning or removing trees located within the public right-of-way without obtaining a tree pruner’s license from the City of Nampa Urban Forestry Department.

Purchase a Tree

To purchase a Right of Way tree through the Forestry Division please call Nampa Parks And Forestry at 208-468-5890 for pricing.

City of Nampa Licensed Tree Companies

The City of Nampa Forestry Department approves various tree companies to perform work (pruning, removal, etc.) on trees located in public rights-of-way. To be licensed, each company must meet certain criteria set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture and the City of Nampa's Forestry Division. Download a complete list of City Licensed Tree Companies (PDF) or call our office at 208-468-5890.