Benefits of Trees

Trees bring natural elements and wildlife habitat into urban surroundings, all of which increase the quality of life for residents living in or visiting our community.

In addition to scenic beauty and increased property values, trees help conserve energy by blocking the elements of the sun and wind. For environmental improvements, trees can be placed in areas to help noise reduction, improve air quality and control erosion.


The City of Nampa Forestry Division maintains approximately 5,000 trees located in community parks and along city streets. The Forestry Division actively promotes and participates in many efforts within the city to enhance the environment and the health and beauty of our city.  Examples of programs coordinated by the Forestry Division include:

To see more details regarding Forestry's mission to plan for, grow and maintain a healthy urban forest and to manage it in a way this is understandable and useful to everyone, check out the City of Nampa's Urban Forestry Management Plan.