Kohlerlawn Cemetery does not recommend leaving items of sentimental or intrinsic value at the gravesite.

The City cannot be held responsible for the safekeeping of items against vandalism or theft.


The overall appearance of the cemetery grounds is very important. Maintaining the cemetery’s natural environment takes effort on everyone's part. When flowers and flowering plants are placed at gravesites and maintained properly they enhance the cemetery setting. Each cemetery visitor should be aware of the policies regarding flowers and grave decorations. The policies and guidelines established will help the City continue its promise of perpetual care for all who have interests at Kohlerlawn Cemetery.

Flower Decorations

Fresh cut flowers are allowed to be placed on grave sites throughout the entire year as long as they do not restrict ground maintenance. Artificial flowers are allowed to be placed on the grave sites throughout the year with the exception of during the mowing season. To be courteous, limit the size of all floral arrangements ensuring that flowers do not interfere with neighboring lots. If plants become unattractive or messy the arrangement will be removed by cemetery personnel.

Permanent Planting

For maintenance reasons, planting permanent “woody root plants” on grave plots, such as a rose bush, is not allowed. Upon approval and the discretion of the Cemetery Sexton, bulbs and/or other flowers such as pansies and marigolds may be planted. The City of Nampa offers a program for planting “memorial trees” at the cemetery and on other city owned park ground. For additional information in regards to planting memorial trees contact the Cemetery Sexton or the Park Supervisor.

It is prohibited to apply pesticides or herbicides on plants at a grave site or on any other cemetery grounds. Permanent plants that are dead, unattractive or cause maintenance issues may be removed by cemetery personnel.

Holiday Decorations

Decorations other than flowers may be placed at gravesites one week before the holiday and left one week following the holiday. Decorations other than flowers may include, but not be limited to, balloons, pinwheels, artificial lighting, windsocks, wind chimes, toys, stuffed animals, planter boxes, flags and pictures.

The designated holidays that decorations are accepted include Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Hanukkah, and Christmas Day. In the event decorations are left earlier than one week prior to a holiday or later than one week after a designated holiday, the decoration will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel. The sexton has the authority to remove any decoration that is judged to be inappropriate or unsightly at anytime.