Rec Center Fees

Annual Membership

Memberships can be paid in full or on-going monthly payment drafts directly from your debit or credit account.  A minimum 12-month payment contract agreement is required and a one-time $40 activation fee applies.  The initial month's fee is prorated.  All other drafts occur on the first of each month.

Annual Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee Monthly Fee
Individual (18+) $404 $35.60
Individual Youth (6-17) $283 $24.75
Family* $725 $63.60
Senior Individual $323 $28.25
Senior Couple* $583 $51.25

*To be eligible for a NRC family or senior couple membership the primary member and spouse must be legally married as recognized by the State of Idaho.  In addition, only children considered legal dependents ages 18 and under may be included on a family membership.  Provisions may be made to place dependent children ages 19 through 21 on a family membership.  See the NRC Membership Eligibility policy for details.  The NRC may ask for proof of legal dependency or a marriage certificate from anyone registering for a family or senior couple membership.

Memberships are non-refundable.

Day Passes

Day passes are a great way to experience the Nampa Recreation Center any day of the year!

  • Paid day passes are valid for the entire day! Be sure to get your hand stamped so you can come back within the same day.
  • Enjoy a little of all of the Nampa Recreation Center’s amenities. A day pass allows you to utilize any of the many great features available.
  • Day pass flexibility allows you to drop in when you want with no commitment.

Day Pass Rates

Pass Type Fee Per Day
Tot 0-5 $2.25
Youth 6-17 $6.50
Adult 18+ $8.50
Senior Citizen 65+ $6.50

Day passes are non-refundable.

Punch Pass Rates

Enjoy the Nampa Recreation Center (NRC) facilities at a discounted rate when you purchase a 20 visit punch pass! Punch passes entitle you to full use of NRC facilities, including group fitness classes and water aerobics. Passes are non-refundable. Punch passes allow for 20 separate visits at approximately a 25% discount compared to paying the day pass rate!

  • Punch Passes have a three-year expiration. If you don’t make it in often enough for an Annual Membership try a Punch Pass.
  • Punch Passes can be “shared” within the same age category, so you and a friend can enjoy the Nampa Recreation Center by scanning your Punch Pass twice.
  • Punch Passes allow the cardholder two free personal training sessions.

Punch Pass Rates

Pass Type Fee for 20 Visits
Tot 0-5 $34
Youth 6-17 $86.50
Adult 18+ $128
Senior Citizen 65+ $97

Punch passes are non-refundable.