Play Center

kids sitting at a tableHarward Recreation Center’s Play Center is the place that every child will love. Children 5 years old and younger can play in a specially designed room for their age group while you work out. Feel secure in leaving your children in experienced hands. Many toys and games are available to ensure a good time for your child.

Children can climb, color, build, listen to stories, eat snacks, and participate in a variety of fun activities.


The Play Center staff consists of caring teachers, parents and college students who have lots of experience and training in working with young children. Each staff member is certified in Pediatric First Aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

General Policies

Play Center use is on a first come first serve basis. Children will only be accepted when a parent is present in the Recreation Center. We cannot accept grandchildren, relatives, children of friends or children you may be caring for. I.D. is required upon pickup.


Parents may provide snacks, however, due to dietary restrictions; we don’t allow children to share.


Please do not bring personal toys to the Play Center as this may cause difficulties and loss of toys. We have plenty of age appropriate toys for the children. Please label your child’s personal belongings with his/her name.


Children will not be allowed in the Play Center if they have a contagious illness.


Children who are not potty trained must be changed (clean and dry diaper) by the parent prior to the parent’s departure. Please leave an adequate supply of diapers.