Fitness Trail

nampa rec center fitness trailOur paved outdoor trail encircles the grounds at the Harward Recreation Center. The trail is 0.56 miles long and is perfect for exercising with strollers, roller-skates, or walking a dog. The outdoor track is available to the public free of charge. Participants do not need to be a Harward Recreation Center member to use the outdoor trail.

Pathway Etiquette

We invite you to experience and enjoy the City of Nampa’s growing pathway system. The City offers miles of existing pathways and has developed a master pathway map that plans for more trials in the future. Nampa citizens and visitors will enjoy running, walking, inline skating or bicycling on the Nampa Pathway System. As our city pathways experience more use, it is essential that pathway etiquette be followed. Ensure a positive and safe experience for all pathway users by being polite and following the pathway guidelines.

Pathway Guidelines

  • Obey all signs.
  • Be courteous and respect the rights of adjacent property owners.
  • Keep pathways clean and put litter in its place.
  • All pets must be on a leash.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • The flow of traffic on the pathway is similar to road traffic. Always ride or walk on the right side of the pathway and warn others of your approach as your pass on the left.
  • Ride or walk single file when traffic is coming from the opposite direction or when someone verbally signals they would like to pass.
  • Bicycles should yield to walkers and runners.