Kids in Action Day Camp

kids playing in rec centerCamp Philosophy

Our philosophy is focused on creating a fun and safe environment to give each child the opportunity to experience interesting activities while developing worthwhile friendships. The Harward Recreation Center's Kids in Action Program will focus on offering daily hands-on activities that will engage your child(ren) throughout their non-school hours.

Camp Site and Activities

Before and after school participants will be involved in supervised, structured activities. Children will participate and learn about new sports, interesting games, nature activities, arts and crafts projects, rock climbing, swimming, and much more.


Kids In Action (KIA) is open to all Nampa Public School, Private School and Charter School students enrolled in grades Kindergarten to 5th.

Kids in Pool Looking at CameraBefore School Hours

Before School Hours run from 6:30 - 7:45 am or until transportation departs to your child’s school.

After School Hours

After school hours run from when transportation arrives from your child’s school to 6:30 pm. Buses generally arrive at the Harward Rec Center between 2:45 - 4:15 pm.

All Day Service

All Day Service will be provided on Nampa School District’s scheduled days off and during Spring Break. When all day service is provided the hours will be from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm. Please see Kids in Action Calendar.


If your child is new to the KIA program, you will need to pre-register the day before the child attends. If your child is already enrolled in the program, please update your child's registration information as needed. Registration information will need to be updated annually.


KIA will provide a small snack each day after school, as well as each morning for full day KIA participants. The snack will include juice, crackers, cheese, etc.


If your child attends the program for a full day, lunch will need to be provided. You may pack a lunch for your child or a lunch may be purchased through the Rec Center. Lunches may be purchased individually or Punch Cards are available for a reduced rate.


Before school transportation is provided to any Nampa public school at no additional charge. After school transportation is provided from any Nampa public school for an additional fee. If enrolled in the before school program a Harward Rec Center vehicle, typically a van, will depart from the Harward Rec Center and take your child(ren) to their school. If enrolled in the after school program, a school bus will bring your child(ren) from their school to the Harward Rec Center. 

Transportation will be provided by the Brown Bus Company of Nampa or the Harward Rec Center. On special occasions the Kids In Action program will offer field trips for the participants.