Rules & Requirements

Age Requirements

An adult (18 years and older) is required to directly supervise a child under the age of six. Those under the age of six who are unsupervised will be required to sit on the deck until a parent comes to get them. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the spa, and those under 18 are not permitted in the steam room or sauna.

Pool Availability

At times, limited space is available in the pools due to Learn-to-Swim classes, water fitness classes, and special events.

Swimming Test

Participants swimming in the Lap Pool or Diving Pool are required to take a swimming test. This test is required each visit and must be administered by a lifeguard. The swimming test involves swimming in the lap pool two lengths (50 yards) using front crawl without stopping.

Pool Dress Code/Diapers

Swimsuits are required for swimming in all pools. Street clothes, undergarments, sweats, cut-offs etc. are not permitted in the pools. Children wearing diapers are welcome in the pool as long as they are wearing swim diapers or snug fitting rubber pants over the diapers and underneath their bathing suits.

Flotation Devices

The Harward Recreation Center only allows coast guard approved flotation, such as life jackets, to be worn in the pools. Coast guard approved flotation is designed to ensure that a child's head will be maintained above the water. Examples of non-coast guard approved flotation are water wings, inflatable rings and suits with built in flotation. Noodles are allowed in the pool as long as the child stays where they can touch and are using the equipment appropriately.