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Lakeview Park
Lakeview Park is Nampa’s oldest and perhaps most scenic park. The picturesque Lakeview Park is more than 44 acres in size and is located along the entrance into Nampa from the Garrity exit. In 1888 Orson F. Persons homesteaded what is now known as Lakeview Park. Today, many people are surprised to learn that there was a lake in the park, named Lake Ethel, used for swimming and fishing. Lake Ethel was a man-made lake constructed originally to store irrigation water from Mason Creek.
Lakeview is a wonderful community park; visitors will enjoy the mature trees and the attractive scenery. Available for reservation are two covered picnic shelters with power and water. In addition to reserving the picnic shelters, community members may also reserve the beautiful rose garden for weddings or the amphitheater for outdoor concerts and plays. Holding large functions at Lakeview Park is appealing to many groups due to the park’s large picnic shelters, sizeable open areas and mature landscape. Lakeview Park is home to several sporting opportunities. Les Goodman Baseball field is located on the south end of the park near Lakeview Water Park. Horseshoe Pits are located east of 16th Avenue in the Maple Grove area and a sand volleyball court is available to the public. South of the park is an outdoor basketball court named Creech’s Court.
Have fun on the playground equipment, play a variety of sports, feed the ducks and go swimming all in one location.
To learn more about Lakeview Waterpark, visit and click on the "Swimming" option at the top of the page.
PARK FEATURES: Two reservable Covered Picnic Shelters (with Power & Water), Playground Equipment, Baseball / Softball Fields, Rose Garden, Amphitheater (1,000 seat Capacity), Public Restrooms, Swimming Pool, Outdoor Basketball Courts, Duck Pond, Horseshoe Pits, Historic Displays featuring a military jet and a M-60 Tank, BBQ Areas, BMX Track, Drinking Fountain, Multiple Active and Passive Areas, Sand Volleyball Court
LOCATION: Located on the corner of Garrity Boulevard & 16th Avenue North the physical address is 1227 East Orson F Persons Court

Reserve Shelter by Fireplace
Reserve Maple Grove Shelter
Reserve Rose Garden Shelter
Reserve Amphitheater

Lakeview Park
This park has an amphitheater. This park has a pond.
This park has a bbq. This park is reservable.
This park has a BMX trail. This park has restrooms.
This park has baseball/softball fields. This park has a rose garden.
This park has a basketball court. This park has a sand volleyball court.
This park has bicycle racks. This park does not have a skate park.
This park has a drinking fountain. This park does not have a soccer field.
This park does not have a football field. This park has a swimming pool.
This park has a horseshoe pit. This park does not have a tennis court.
This park has an open play area. This park does not have a walking path.
This park has a picnic shelter. This park does not have a disc golf course.
This park has playground equipment. This park is not under construction.
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