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Kohlerlawn CemeteryKohlerlawn Cemetery Fees

Fees for Kohlerlawn Cemetery are set as a resolution process by the Nampa City Council and are subject to change.

Kohlerlawn Cemetery offers the sale of burial spaces to the general public. A “burial space" is considered to be any grave space, lot, or niche used or intended to be used for the interment (burial) of human remains. At the time a burial space is purchased a perpetual fee is charged in addition to the fee charged for the burial space.

Gravesite Space Fees

Kohlerlawn Cemetery offers a variety of gravesite spaces.

Gravesite Opening & Closing Fees for a Traditional Burial

For services, Kohlerlawn Cemetery will charge a fee for opening and closing a burial site that has been purchased.

Cremated Remains Opening & Closing Fees for Gravesite

For the opening and closing of cremated remains there is a “set up” option and a “non-set up” option. The set up fee is implemented to cover the placement of chairs, green carpets, table arrangements and a cover if needed. If the service is for a cremation a stand is provided for in the “set up” fee. Fees are listed below.

Cremated Remains Opening & Closing Fees For Niche Wall

The Niche Wall opening and closing fees include an engraved plaque that is placed on the opening of the Niche Wall space.

Disinterment Fees

The disinterment fee is the charge for moving the body exhumed and/or moved from one cemetery to another cemetery. Fees include opening and closing costs.
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